Cyber Security Training In Hyderabad
Firewall-Zone's Cyber Security Professional Course

Cyber Security Training In Hyderabad

Our Cyber Security Training In Hyderabad at Firewall Zone is the Complete Security Framework of Information Security. Firewall-Zone's Cyber Security Training Program is hands-on practical understanding of Complete I.T. Security Life Cycle.

Our Uniquely designed course meets today's Cyber Security Challenges.

It’s a Vendor neutral course we designed rather focusing on one security or a firewall, this gives students deeper and more comprehensive security exposure with real time working experience trainers, we keep students one step ahead of cyber security requirements & demands.

Our Cyber Security Training offer students technical hands-on courses on topics ranging from broader security to the latest cyber security includes basics of security, analyzing threats & vulnerabilities and attacks, security standards & auditing security controls, defensive skill-building infrastructure using largely used UTM devise like Fortinet, Juniper and Cisco's CCNA Security, Hacking techniques, Endpoint application security, Security Management Applications like Monitoring & Log Server and everything in between.

Firewall-Zone's Security Package bundle course is designed exclusively for candidates looking for their carrier in information security, these hands-on defense courses are led by some of the most sought after industry and subject matter experts having international experience with the goal of defining and defending tomorrow’s information security landscape.

Our Cyber Security Course provides student learn how to protects enterprise network security with the most complete &upto date solution in the industry, also gives the ability to design & Implement the enterprise and a complete I.T. Security.

Firewall-Zone's Cyber Security Course will definitely grow your career in the information security field and overcome any learning plateau.

Course 1:Security +

1   Introduction of Security
            –     Computer Hardware & Software Security

            –     Network Security: Services

            –     Physical Security: Theft, Access Controlsetc

            –     Fault Tolerance / Redundancy
2.   Security From What:

            –     Threats & Vulnerability: virus, worms, backdoors, Pop-ups, Spams,
                    Trojans, Ransomware, botnets, Adware, DoS,Sinkholes, Spoofing,
                    ARP Poisoning, Hotfixes & Application Patches etc.
3.   Solution:
            a)     Firewalls

            b)     IPS

            c)     Content filtering & Deep Inspection
            d)     Proxies

            e)     Web Filtering

            f)     System Security Management: AV/AS etc.

            g)     Patch Management
            H)     Unified Threat Management (UTM)

            i)     Crypotography

            j)     VPN
4.   How to Protect:

            –     System Guidelines = ISMS

            –     Benefits of Following ISMS
5.   Securing Infra, Recognizing Threats & Vulnerability, Mitigation:
                (Security Principle: CIA)

            –     Securing Infra:

            ✓     Guidelines: Hardening Computer Hardware, OS,

            ✓     Policies, Security Awareness

            –     Designing Models: LAN WAN DMZ Servers DBs Intranets Extranets

            –     Vulnerability and Risk Management:

            ✓     Vul: Scanning, Sniffing, Penetration Testing
            ✓     Risk Assessment: Conducting Risk, Analysing

            –     Mitigation: Perimeter Security

Course 2 & 3: Security Standards and Auditing

Part 1   Understanding the different Security Gears
            ✓     Security and Risk Management

            ✓     Asset Security

            ✓     Security Engineering

            ✓     Communications and Network Security
            ✓     Identity and Access Management

            ✓     Security Assessment and Testing
            ✓     Security Operations
            ✓     Software Development Security

            ✓     I.T Security: Organizations Goal, Mission & Objective
Part II   Security Standards & Auditing:

        Chapter 1: Security Standards:

              ✓   Confidentiality, Integrity and Availability (CIA)
              ✓   Information Security & Management
              ✓   Industry and International Security Implementation Guidelines

              ✓   What is Information security Governance?

              ✓   Information Security Implementation - Governance Best Practices

            ✓     Why Information Security Governance is needed

            ✓     Benefits of information Security Governance

            ✓     How to Govern Information Security:

            ✓     COBIT
            ✓     ISO

            ✓     OCTAVE

        Chapter 2: Auditing:

              ✓   Compliance
              ✓   Regulatory – Compliance
              ✓   Compliance Requirements & Procedure

              ✓   Audit - Security Controls

              ✓   Mandatory Documents & Records required by ISO 27001:2013

            ✓     Mandatory Records

            ✓     Non-Mandatory Docs
Part III   Information Risk Management

              ✓   Assessment, Risk Analyzing, Countermeasures
Part IV   Asset Security

              ✓   Asset controls List

Course 4: CCNA Security

Part I   Security Principle

        Chapter 1:     Networks Security Concepts: WHAT, WHY, HOW - SECURITY

        Chapter 2:     Understanding Security Threats, Policies and Solution Approach

        Chapter 3:     Building Security Strategy
Part II   Perimeter Security

        Chapter 1:     Network Foundation Protection

        Chapter 2:     Configuring Enhanced Securities
Part III   Implementing ASA & IPS

        Chapter 1:     Understanding & Configuration Security Appliance

        Chapter 2:     Required Hardware & Software Installation
Part IV   Configuring VPN

        Chapter 1:     Cryptographic Services

        Chapter 2:     Site-to-Site VPN & SSL PN
Part V   Switch Security

        Chapter 1:     Securing Switch

        Chapter 2:     Securing Layer 2 Technologies


            (Perimeter Security)

        ✓   Installing and Configuring Network Auditing Tool

        ✓   Configure Router Log server / Auditing Tool

        ✓   Preparing Mitigation Plan based on Auditing / Enhancing the Security

        ✓   Configure Router Banners Warning Messages

        ✓   Configure Administrator Accounts

        ✓   Remote logins: Telnet, SSH

        ✓   Encrypt Passwords & Generate crypto Keys

        ✓   Set up Password Policies

        ✓   Console & log Messages

        ✓   Protecting IOS Image & Router Configuration File

        ✓   Setup Time Server (NTP)

        ✓   Configure Administrative Roles & Assign Certain Privileges

        ✓   Enable Views & Set Commands to Views

        ✓   Configuring AAA

        ✓   AAA with Local Database

        ✓   AAA with External Database

        ✓   Install & Configure RADIUS Server

  Install & Configure Cisco Configuration Professional Application (CCP)

        ✓   Configure Router using CCP

        ✓   Hostname, Domain, Banner, Passwords

        ✓   Modifying Interfaces, Remote logins with ACL

        ✓   Static Routes & Default Route

        ✓   Device Management Features: Configuration Backup, Save, Etc.

  Configuring IOS based Firewall

        ✓   Configuring Static Filtering Traffic

        ✓   Standard ACL (Numbered/Named)

        ✓   Extended ACL (Numbered/Named)

        ✓   Establish ACL & Reflexive ACL

        ✓   Configuring Context based ACL (CBAC)

        ✓   Configuring IOS Zone based Firewall using CCP

        ✓   Verifying Polices & Monitoring Traffic

  Configuring Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)

        ✓   Configuring ASA Initial Setup using CLI

        ✓   Installing & Configuring ASDM

        ✓   Configuring ASA Zones, VLAN, Interfaces, DHCP, Routing

        ✓   Configuring to Connect INTERNET, NAT & Firewall Policy

        ✓   Verifying & Modifying Inspected Policies

        ✓   Using ASDM Tools to Trace Packets

        ✓   Enabling Firewall Logs and Verifying

        ✓   Monitoring Traffic & Firewall Status

  Configuring Cisco IOS based Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)

        ✓   Install & Configuring IPS & Policies

  Implementing VPN

        ✓   Configuring Site-to-Site VPN (IPsec)

        ✓   Configuring Remote VPN (SSL)

  Securing Layer 2 Technologies

        ✓   Switch Port Security

        ✓   STP BPDU Root Protection

        ✓   Protecting from DHCP Snooping

        ✓   Protecting VLAN & Trunks

Course 5: Fortigate's Security Admin

Part I   Fortinet Overview

        ✓     Fortinet

        ✓     Introduction

        ✓     Fortigate type of security Solutions

        ✓     Fortigate Firewall Series

        ✓     Fortigate Capabilities

        ✓     Fortigate Device Description

        ✓     Fortigate Physical Appearance

        ✓     Fortigate Operating modes

        ✓     Device Administration

        ✓     Connecting Fortigate Device
Part II   FortiGate Configuration
Chapter 1         ✓     FortiGat CLI

        ✓     CLI Basics

        ✓     Fortigate CLI Structure (Branches)

        ✓     Configuring Interfaces - LAN / WAN

        ✓     Fortigate as DHCP Server

        ✓     Configuring Routing (to Internet)

        ✓     Fortigate Physical Appearance

        ✓     Configuring DNS (Public/ISP Server)

        ✓     Verify Internet Connectivity (access internet)

        ✓     Configuring Remote Admin Access
  FortiGate Configuration
Chapter 2         ✓     Connecting & Exploring GUI Dash board

        ✓     Configuring Network Interfaces (LAN / WAN)

        ✓     Configuring DNS

        ✓     Configuring Fortigate device as DHCP Server for LAN

        ✓     Configuring Device Mode
Chapter 3         ✓     Configuring Admin

        ✓     New Admistrator

        ✓     Admin Profile: Privilages

        ✓     Centralised Management Overview

        ✓     Admin Access settings

        ✓     Configuring Fortigate Device Certificate

        ✓     Fortigate Backup & Restore

        ✓     Configuring Static Route & verify Routing

        ✓     Configuring Web Content Block

        ✓     Configuring Web URL Filtering
Chapter 4         ✓     Configuring Firewall

        ✓     Creating Components

        ✓     Creating & configuring Profile

        ✓     Block based on following classification:

        ✓     Potentially Liable

        ✓     Controversial

        ✓     Bandwidth Consuming

        ✓     Security Violating Websites

        ✓     Multimedia

        ✓     Imaging

        ✓     Video

        ✓     Spams

        ✓     IPS

        ✓     Antivirus

        ✓     Applying Firewall Policy
Chapter 5         ✓     Configuring AV

        ✓     Antivirus

        ✓     Grayware Application

        ✓     Downloads

        ✓     Hacker Tools

        ✓     Games

        ✓     Adware
Chapter 6         ✓     Configuring IPS
Chapter 7         ✓     Configuring DoS
        ✓     Configuring Anti-Spam
        ✓     Configuring to Control

        ✓     Instant Messenger, P2P apps, VoIP
        ✓     Briefing Logs & Reporting
PART III         ✓     Fortinet Sec Design
Chapter 1         ✓     Design Introduction
        ✓     Components
        ✓     Methodology

Course 6: Juniper Security Admin

Part I     Juniper
        ✓     Juniper Operating System & Its Engine
        ✓     Juniper Security Products
        ✓     Admin Interfaces
        ✓     CLI
        ✓     J-Web GUI
        ✓     Enabling Device Web Access
Part II     CLI
        ✓     Command Structure
        ✓     Root Commands
        ✓     Resetting to Factory Defaults
        ✓     Boot Process
        ✓     Understanding Get & Set Commands
    Configuring Device System Parameters
        ✓     Hostname & Domain Name
        ✓     System Clock
        ✓     Console / Remote: Banner
        ✓     Modifying Default Admin
        ✓     Creating Admin Access / Privilege
        ✓     Device Management Services
        ✓     Understanding bgroup & Interfaces Association
        ✓     Configuring Zone & Interfaces
        ✓     Configuring WAN Interface as DHCP Client
        ✓     Understanding Routing & Virtual Router (VR)
        ✓     Network Address Translation (NAT)
        ✓     Access Policy
Part III     J-Web GUI:
        Enabling Device Web Access
        Exploring Dash board & Menu Panel
        Updating Firmware, License
    Admin Menu
        ✓     Understanding AAA
        ✓     Configuring Admin Local Database
        ✓     Admin Host Access
        ✓     Describing Management / NSM
        ✓     Configuring Banner
        ✓     Audit Settings - Logs
        ✓     Configuring Authentication
    Network Menu
        ✓     Binding Interfaces
        ✓     Configuring DNS Settings
        ✓     Creating Zones
        ✓     Configuring Interfaces / Backup Interface
        ✓     Setting up DHCP Server
        ✓     Configuring Routing
        ✓     Static Particular Destination
        ✓     Static Default
    Security Menu
        ✓     Understanding & Setting up (Packet) Screening
        ✓     Understanding Malicious URL Protection
    Web Filtering
        ✓     Predefined Protocols & Profile
        ✓     Custom Protocol & Profile
    Understanding Deep Inspection & its Signatures
    Configuring Security Policies
        ✓     Creating Zone to Zone Policies
        ✓    Associating Profiles: Deep Inspection & URL Filtering
        ✓    Configuring Policy Elements
    Adding Host / Networks / Services
    Exploring VPN (no lab)
    Understanding Reports Menu

Course 7: Hacking (Ethical Hacking)

        1.     Foot printing and Reconnaissance
        2.     Sniffing and MIM (Man in the Middle Attack)
        3.     Advance Hacking
    I.         Foot Printing and Reconnaissance:
        1.     Identifying Vulnerability
        2.     Information Gathering
        3.     Exploring the Tools
                            ✓ DNS lookup
                            ✓ Trace Route
                            ✓ Whois Client
                            ✓ SNMP Walk
                            ✓ SNMP Audit
                            ✓ Launching a Security Scan
                            ✓ Deploying Custom Patches
        4.     Enumeration & Social Engineering:
                            ✓ Enumerate Computers
                            ✓ Enumerate Users
                            ✓ Hyena configuration
                            ✓ Server & Enterprise Network Scanning
    II.         Sniffing and MIM (Man in Middle Attack)::
        ✓     1. Sniffers
        ✓     App: Wireshark
        ✓     What is Wireshark?
        ✓     What Wireshark is not?
        ✓     Some Intended Purposes
        ✓     Features
        ✓     Live Capture from many Different Network Media
        ✓     Import Files from many other Capture Programs
        ✓     Export Files for many other Capture Programs
        ✓     Open Source Software
            System Requirements
                            ✓ Building and Installing Wireshark
                            ✓ Installing Wireshark under Windows
                            ✓ Installation Components
                            ✓ Additional Tasks
                            ✓ Installing WinPcap
                            ✓ Update Wireshark WinPcap
                            ✓ The Dashboard / Main window
                            ✓ Introduction / Prerequisites Capturing Live Network Data
                            ✓ Start Capturing
                            ✓ The Capture Interfaces dialog box
            Advanced Topics
                            ✓ Following TCP streams
                            ✓ The Follow TCP Stream Dialog Box
                            ✓ Show Packet Bytes
                            ✓ Decode AS
                            ✓ Show AS
                            ✓ Expert Information, Entries and dialog
                            ✓ Colorized Protocol Details Tree
                            ✓ Expert Packet List Column
                            ✓ TCP Analysis
                            ✓ Time Stamps
                            ✓ Wireshark Internals
                            ✓ Capture file formats
            2. MIM (Man in Middle Attack):
                            ✓ ARP Poisoning Attack:-
                            ✓ Installing cain and abel
                            ✓ Poisoning the ARP tables and sniffing the packet
    III.         Advance Hacking::
            DoS& DDoS Attack::
                            ✓ Installing Dos http
                            ✓ Flooding TCP & UDP flood
    III.         System Hacking::
                            ✓ Installing lc-crack
                            ✓ Brute Force Attack
                            ✓Sniffing Local Network
    III.         Hacking Web Application:
                            ✓Installing HTTrack Web site Copier
                            ✓Creating Policy
    III.         Creating Backdoor Using Kali Linux::
                            ✓Malware Threats
                            ✓Creating malware using msfvenom
                            ✓Postgresql server implementation
                            ✓Configuring Apache Web server
                            ✓Implementing Metaspolit Frame Work
                            ✓Using exploits and payloads

Course 8 : Endpoint Security

        1.     What is Endpoint Security
        2.     Understanding the importance of Endpoint Security
        3.     Components of Endpoint Security
        4.     What Product to choose
        5.     Planning & Implementing Endpoint Security
        6.     Installation of Primary Management Server& Live Update
        7.     Installation of Admin Console
        8.     Configuring Server& Agent Profiles
        9.     Configuring Remote Installation for Clients
        10.     Exploring Endpoint Security Detect & Prevent
        11.     Managing, Monitoring & Reporting

Course 9 : Network Security Management

Part I             Monitoring, Event Management & Log Server
            Understanding Importance of Network Security Management
            Choosing the Right Product: Learning the Features
            Planning & Implementing Management Server
            Configuring Servers
            Explore Dashboards, Network Topology Views, and Charts
            Understand Faults, Performance, and Availability of Network
            Hop-by-Hop Analysis
            Understanding Intelligent Alerts
            Monitor the health and performance of all components of Network Access Response Time             Monitor, Memory
            Monitor, CPU Monitor, Interface Monitor
            Understand Thresholds
Part II             Event Manager & Log Server
            What is Event Manager?&how it helps in Securing Network
            Designing & Implementing
            Configuration of Event Manager &Log Server
            Exploring the Server Applications